8 Bar

“8-Bar” Conductor Bar has been copied by others. But don’t be fooled by imitations! Conductix offers the only original and authentic 8-Bar conductor system.

Product Description


Conductix 8-Bar Systems feature:

  • UL listing and CSA Approval
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Low system maintenance
  • A wide selection of special options such as curved bar, corrosion resistant systems, pick-up guides, and a wide variety of brackets
  • Over 60 years of special application experience

Ampacity selections: 40 amp, 90 amp, 110 amp, 250 amp, 350 amp, and 500 amp capacities @ 600 volts max. (Note: Side Contact version only goes to 350 amps max.)

Maximum Speed: 900 feet per minute

Options: Standard, Medium-Heat, and High-Heat covers; Heater wire systems; stainless steel hardware; green ground conductor covers; black “UV resistant” covers; curved systems to 18″ radius (standard covers).

8-Bar is available in a “Side Contact” version where the collector shoe rides against the side of the bar, rather than the bottom.

Max. speed in this orientation: 600 feet-per-minute

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