R&M Hoist Monitors

Diagnostics that take the safety, maintenance and performance of the Spacemaster® SX hoists to new heights.

The HoistMonitor can be added to the Spacemaster® SX hoist controls to assist in the safe operation, maintenance and performance of the hoist and crane by constantly monitoring and recording selected functions.

Product Description


Three HoistMonitor configurations are available: the basic HoistMonitor; HoistMonitor Select and HoistMonitor Elite.

In addition, various options are available for each of the configurations – please contact us for more information. The HoistMonitor Select and the HoistMonitor Elite can be used individually or jointly to provide customized functionality.


The basic functions of the HoistMonitor are:

  • Overload protection
  • Run and fault supervision
  • Ensuring hoist starts and stops in slow speed
  • Sudden loading supervision


Additional functions of the HoistMonitor Select are:

  • All functions of the basic HoistMonitor
  • Safe-working-period percentage (SWP %)
  • Number of hoist starts – both directions
  • Hours of hoist run time – both directions
  • Hoist cycle counter
  • Mean load calculation
  • Brake safe-working-period percentage

The HoistMonitor Select functions allow for more efficient planning and scheduling of preventative maintenance and repairs.


Additional functions of the HoistMonitor Elite are:

  • All functions of the basic HoistMonitor
  • Common hoist supervision – simultaneous hoist starts / stops
  • Intermediate load limit settings (3 step)
  • Summing overload protection
  • CAN bus

The HoistMonitor Elite is only used when two or more hoists (5 maximum) operate together.

HoistMonitor Options:

  • Slack rope supervision
  • Bridge-mounted load display
  • Overload indication light and / or horn
  • Bridge / trolley run time
  • LCD display available on an optional RaCon® Series II Radio Control
  • HoistMonitor Plus option adds a HoistMonitor display to a PBR style pendant
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